Friday, March 16, 2012

The Hunger Games

   In Reading Seminar, we recently worked on an "author study" project. I was teamed up with my best friend since first grade, and we were assigned the highly popular young adult author Wendy Mass. On her website, she had a link to a bunch of pictures of her with her "author pals". I scrolled down and found a picture of Mass with Suzanne Collins (posted in 2008). The caption said, "Suzanne Collins, author of a little-known book, The Hunger Games." I laughed my head off.
   Seriously, this is a fantastic series. It has been the top choice for reading material in my school for two years running. And that's really saying something, as most of the people who go to my school aren't exactly big readers, and all have about the average attention span of a puppy.

   The movie is coming out exactly a week from today, and fans all over America are eagerly-correction; rabidly awaiting its advent. In fact, statistics show that it is the most anticipated motion picture since the Twilight saga. And no wonder. What is there not to love? Romance, glamor, action-it's all there, and then some. People are forming teams, much like with Twilight: Team Peeta is to Team Edward as Team Gale is to Team Jacob. I say, forget the sparkly vampire and shirtless werewolf. Who really cares about them, anyway?