Monday, April 23, 2012

Happy Birthday, Bill!

   Today is William Shakespeare's birthday (and deathday)! Of course, historians are not actually sure about either of these dates. Because records seem to indicate that Shakespeare died within three days of April 23, we just went ahead and said that this would be his birthday as well. But we're going to celebrate it anyway, right?! Of course right!
    Also, today is the day of my school's Junior Thespian Awards Banquet and Ceremony. I doubt that our theater teacher/director purposefully scheduled it for Shakespeare's birthday, but it is fitting nonetheless.
   So, bake a cake! Read a play! Write a sonnet! I have faith that you will respect the Bard's name and his birthday, because if you don't, you will forget and say "Macbeth" onstage, and your production will be RUINED!!! On that happy note, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!