Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Magnificent (?) Rhinoceros

   My dad went through this phase (pretty recently) where he was obsessed with one particular encyclopedia he found at a thrift store. It portrayed many animals in ridiculous fashions, such as in the portrait below.

The mighty rhinoceros chases away its competitors!
   And so, he decided to have me write a poem about the mighty rhinoceros, so that it could accompany this beautiful picture on HIS blog. Though I wrote this tribute in a sleep-deprived state, I am still somewhat pleased with how it turned out. Keep in mind as you read that I'm just now going into high school.

I enjoyed this quite a bit.

   Finally, to keep the image of an intimidating and ferocious beast burned into your retinas, here is a little present.


Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Geek Pride Day!

   This morning, I was slapped in the face by the fact that I haven't blogged in a really long time. In my own defense, I've been obscenely busy recently, what with my many auditions, finals, and performances (did I  mention that we decided on a new violin? More on that later.). But today was a really good day to start back up again. Not only is it Geek Pride Day, but it is also the anniversary of Star Wars, not to mention Towel Day (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy). So, to take a leaf out of Dwayne F.'s   (http://www.vintagetechobsessions.blogspot.com/) book, I decided to post photos and commentary of the beautiful, geeky things to which this day is dedicated.

    Star Wars is perhaps THE ultimate geek franchise. Space, sci-fi, high-speed vehicle pursuits, duels, romance...what's not to love? I remember the first time I watched Star Wars. Because my parents are proper nerds, the first movie in the epic saga my sister and I were introduced to was A New Hope. Honestly, the only thing that scared me was the garbage monster (I was eight). I mean, come on! Imagine a little kid being scared of the trash can for a week because she thought a gross, slimy tentacle would reach out and grab her ankle. Yeah that was me. Ironically, enough, I loved the whole Light Saber thing. That was just too cool!


 Han fired first.

    Don't Panic! One of the most famous lines from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, this is the message that I programmed to show up on the opening screen of my phone every time I turn it on. Don't you just love being nerdy beyond repair?
   I've never seen any of the blockbuster movie renditions of Hitchhiker's Guide, but I love the BBC mini-series. I actually saw this before I read the books, and as soon as I finished watching the six thirty-minute installations, I ran right to the bookshelf. To my pleasant surprise, the mini-series followed the books exactly down to the tiniest detail. I loved it!

   The answer to life, the universe, and everything, this simple two-digit number is, according to Douglas Adams, what you get when you multiply seven by nine. Twisted? Yes. Hilarious? Definitely!
   For the record, I absolutely agree with these definitions of three supposedly derogatory terms that are thought to be synonymous, but which really aren't. My father and my sister are both a combination of geek and nerd. They collect typewriters and giant Japanese robots, as well as create robots out of random pieces of junk. My mom collects fountain pens, which, in part, makes her a nerd. I understand really cool stuff, which, according to the above geek hierarchy, doesn't place me in a specific group. However, I consider myself a nerd and a geek by default. So live on, my fellow awesome minions! Have a very happy Geek Pride Day!